Issue 3
Subjects 13-17

In a unique collaboration for Public Issue 3,
Siân Davey works with stylist Gary David Moore
to cover youth and innocence. She revisits her
daughter Martha as a subject, now aged 21,
in a series of portraits at their family home in
Devon (Siân’s original series ‘Martha’ was
displayed at The National Portrait Gallery in
London, and captured her daughter at age 16).
Frank Lebon explores the dynamic of family
relationships, having documented an intimate
family holiday last summer in Spain for the issue.
Legendary supermodel Guinevere van Seenus
collaborates with stylist Roxane Danset
to capture a series of self portraits that
form a reflective study on herself as a strong,
middle aged women. And finally, Jack Webb
explores the emotional highs and lows
between a group of friends and family on a
night out in a Yorkshire pub, captured in 1996.

136 pages / 9.5 x 12.25 inches
Perfect bound / Uncoated softcover
Limited edition of 150



Introducing ‘Vivien’, a free downloadable
zine that anyone can print-at-home.
Featuring 7 unique prints of Vivien Solari
by photographer Alice Neale.


Issue 2 

Subjects 6-12


The highly anticipated second issue
tackles the theme ‘We Must Take Action’,
and features seven subjects photographed
by Camille Vivier, Jack Webb, Eileen Cowin,
Thomas Giddings, Aleksandra Zagozda,
Moises Saman, and Rachel Lamb, with
styling contributions by Delphine Danhier,
Eliza Conlon, and Shibon Kennedy.

160 pages / 9.25 x 12 inches
Perfect bound / Glossy softcover
Limited edition of 150
3 covers, each an edition of 50
Printed in Los Angeles


Issue 1

Subjects 1-5


The seminal large-format first issue
features five subjects photographed by
Glen Luchford, Nadine Fraczkowski,
Vivien Solari, Benjamin Lennox, and
Greta Ilieva, along with images by
Alex McWhirter and Alice Neale.

112 pages / 10.5 x 13.5 inches
Wire bound / Clear acetate softcover
Limited edition of 250
Printed in London